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    GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS maintains a close link with high commission on the rules and regulations associated with student entry clearance in order to give correct and right advise. This ultimately helps in maintaining high success rate of student visas.
    At GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS we provide absolutely true and virtual picture of foreign education system and foreign life style with support of DVD's.
    Our expert counsellors are career makers and true mentors. We do not follow a generic counselling method, we assess each student's case thoroughly, give personalized attention and according to the needs of the student, we render our advice, in tune with students academic.
    We have one of the best visa success rates, and are one of the reputed consultants in India and UK.
    GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS is the Representative in India for University of Chester, University of South Wales, Newport and Glyndwr University and Cardiff Metropolitan University .

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    GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS is an authorized consultancy representing various universities and colleges mainly in U.K, Australia, USA, Singapore, Switzerland, Canada and Newzealand. GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS is the only company providing absolutely free counseling services on education abroad in India and U.K. GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS provides services for students and parents. GRD OVERSEAS CONSULTANTS has developed a professional & personalized consultancy service to provide complete information and personal assistance for students interested in studying overseas. We assist students with all aspects of planning and arranging for overseas education. Our excellent, professional and expertise services and good experience allow us to efficiently handle large number of student’s applications ABSOLUTELY FREE.
    * *conditions apply .

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    Our Services

    Career Counseling
    Assistance for choosing the right course in the right University
    Complete personalized information and brochures available
    Assistance for scholarships
    Application preparation (including S.O.P. and references)
    Accommodation assistance*
    Pre - visa counseling and documentations
    Assistance for travel
    Post arrival problem solving*
    Assistance for IEL *Conditions Apply

    Our Courses

    Travel & Tourism
    Hotel Management
    CIMA (Accounting)
    Networks & Cyber Technology
    Information Technology
    Health studies


    The UK is a developed country and has the world's seventh-largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. UK remains a great power with leading economic, cultural, military, scientific and political influence. The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland (commonly known as the United Kingdom , the UK or Britain ) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe.
    The United Kingdom is a unitary state governed under a constitutional monarchy and a parliamentary system, with its seat of government in the capital city of London. It is a country in its own right and consists of four countries: England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. UK is stuffed with energy and has a fascinating heritage ready to explore. As an international student you’ll fit straight into the UK’s multicultural society, ready to enjoy a student life full of excitement, fun and creativity. UK life is an incredible mix of international cultures and modern thinking, held together by a strong sense of identity and tradition. In UK one can find an array of exciting experiences to discover - music, celebrations, accents, people to meet, places to visit – the list is endless. Being such a cosmopolitan society in UK, you’ll find religion and customs that are already familiar to you-hence, one can settle easily in the environment of UK.
    Vast choice of institutions, academics and subjects.
    Flexible programs and flexible entry requirements
    Excellent facilities provided to international students such as international students societies, planned social activities, academic support, and academic counselors.
    UK has one of the lowest 'drop out rates.
    Its quality is unrivaled throughout the world.


    University of Chester
    University of South Wales
    Cardiff Metropolitan University
    Glyndwr university
    Queen Margaret University
    University of Strathclyde,Glasgow
    University of Ulster
    University of Bedfordshire
    University of West London
    Manchester Metropolitan University
    Coventry university
    University of East London
    Kingston University,London
    University of Glassgow
    Univerdity of Leeds
    University of Lancaster
    University of Westminster
    University of Sheffield
    University of Essex
    Oxford Brookes University
    Anglia Ruskin University
    Canterbury Christ Church University
    Bournemouth Univesity
    Birmingham City University
    West london college
    Chichester college
    Doncaster College
    Exeter College
    Saint' Martins College
    Oxford & Cherwell College
    Global Education and Experience in an international setting is a marketable commodity that enhances a student’s long-term career prospects and develops self-confidence. The United States is the number one destination for international students seeking higher education abroad. The U.S. hosts more international students than any other country in the world. Of the 1.2 million students pursuing postsecondary education outside their home countries, more than one-third choose to study in the United States. The U.S. higher education system has an international reputation for academic excellence and delivers world class quality programs. An increasing number of students from various fields look towards the USA to fulfill their academic ambitions as the diversity and range of educational opportunities available in the United States is unparalleled. International students who choose to study in the US have almost unlimited study choices. International students who successfully complete their US study are highly sought after by employers worldwide as they receive industry relevant education that helps them stay abreast with changes in the global economic and social environment.

    Why Study in USA?

    The United States is the number one destination for international students seeking higher education abroad. The U.S. hosts more international students than any other country in the world. Of the 1.2 million students pursuing post secondary education outside their home countries, more than one-third choose to study in the United States.


    University of North Alabama
    California Coast University
    INCAE Business School
    University of Phoenix
    Florida Metropolitan University
    Florida International University
    University of Arkanas
    it is an island to the north-west of continental Europe. It is the third-largest island in Europe and the twentieth-largest island on Earth. To its east is the larger island of Great Britain, from which it is separated by the Irish Sea. Politically, Ireland is divided between the Republic of Ireland, which covers just under five-sixths of the island, and Northern Ireland, a part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, which covers the remainder and is located in the north-east of the island. The population of Ireland is approximately 6.4 million. Just under 4.6 million live in the Republic of Ireland and just over 1.8 million live in Northern Ireland. The island's geography comprises relatively low-lying mountains surrounding a central plain, with several navigable rivers extending inland. The island has lush vegetation, a product of its mild but changeable oceanic climate, which avoids extremes in temperature. Thick woodlands covered the island until medieval times. Today, the amount of land that is forested in Ireland is just one third of the European average of 35%. There are twenty-six extant mammal species native to Ireland. A Norman invasion in the Middle Ages gave way to a Gaelic resurgence in the 13th century. Over sixty years of intermittent warfare in the 1500s led to English dominance after 1603. In the 1690s, a system of Protestant English rule was designed to materially disadvantage the Catholic majority and Protestant dissenters, and was extended during the 18th century. In 1801, Ireland became a part of the United Kingdom. A war of independence in the early 20th century was followed by the partition of the island, creating the Irish Free State, which became increasingly sovereign over the following decades, and Northern Ireland which remained a part of the United Kingdom. Northern Ireland saw much civil unrest from the late 1960s until the 1990s. This subsided following a political agreement in 1998. In 1973, both parts of Ireland joined the European Economic Community.
    With over 400 Nobel Laureates and about 45% of the patent applications worldwide, Europe is a natural leader in research and education. Pursue your choice of study – be it science or humanities – and get training opportunities for your career. The European Union (EU) comprises 27 European countries, committed to working together for peace and prosperity, and we believe that education is one of the most important ways to contribute towards this. Europe is the world's second-smallest continent by surface area, covering about 10,180,000 square kilometres (3,930,000 sq mi) or 2% of the Earth's surface and about 6.8% of its land area. Of Europe's approximately 50 states, Russia is by far the largest by both area and population, taking up 40% of the continent (although the country has territory in both Europe and Asia), while Vatican City is the smallest. Europe is the third-most populous continent after Asia and Africa, with a population of 733 million or about 11% of the world's population.
    The education system in Australia is divided into a three-tier structure; combining school education, vocational education & training, and higher education together. Most study programs offered by Universities in Australia provide courses and conduct research in a wide range of professional and academic disciplines. They award associate diplomas, diplomas, bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees.

    Why Study In Australia?

    The Australian qualifications are practical oriented and commands a world-class recognition and reputation throughout the world for the employment and further studies. The Learning atmosphere encourages the student for self-learning and imparts up-to-date knowledge based skills in the area of study rather than mere theoretical study. The Australian Education place great importance on developing the ability of the students to think creatively and independently, read widely and critically, participate in Debates and functions as part of the team. The studies consist of on-going assessments and weekly assignments, group projects, seminar presentations etc. These skills provide the student the confidence and practical skills required to undertake employment. The Australian graduates are well employed around the world. Such skills are in demand from employers and so an Australian Education qualification gives students an edge in a competitive global employment environment.



    Academia International
    AMI Education
    AOI Institute
    Australian Catholic University (ACU)
    Australian Industrial Systems Institute (AISI)
    Australian National Institute of Business and Technology (ANIBT)
    Australian Technical and Management College
    Austwide Institute of Training (AIOT)
    BIBA Academy
    Brighton Institute of Technology
    Cambridge International College (CIC)
    Carrick Institute of Education
    Central Queensland University (CQU)
    Charles Sturt University
    City College of Melbourne
    Discover English
    Education Access Australia (MITH and MIE)
    Einstein College of Australia
    Embassy CES (English Courses)
    JMC Academy
    KAPS Institute of Management
    La Trobe University
    Martin College (Vocational Courses)
    Melbourne Institute of Technology
    Ozford College
    PSG Australia
    Sheila Baxter Training Centre
    Southern Cross Education Institute
    St George Institute
    TAFE Gordon Institute
    TAFE Holmesglen
    TAFE William Angliss Institute
    University of Ballarat
    Victoria University
    Fusion English
    Gurkhas Institute
    Hales Institute
    Hawthorn (The University of Melbourne Programs)
    Holmes Institute
    Western Institute of Technology

    Sydney and New South Wales Area

    Abbey College Australia
    Ability Education
    Academies Australasia
    Academy of English
    Academy of Information Technology (AIT)
    Academy of Social Science
    ACCESS Language Centre
    Aces Centre
    Alphacrucis College
    Apex Institute of Education
    Australia Onsung International College
    Australian Academy of Management & Science
    Australian Academy of Sport and Fitness (AASF)
    Australian Campus Network (ACN)
    Bass-Skardon Abbess
    Billy Blue
    Blue Mountains Hotel School
    Bridge Business College
    Byron Bay English Language Academy
    Byron Bay English Language School
    Cambridge College International
    Pivot Point Academy Sydney
    Qantm College
    Specialty Language Centre
    Stanford Academy
    Step One College
    Supreme Business College
    Sydney Business and Travel Academy (SBTA)
    Sydney Film School
    Taylors College (H School/Foundation)
    The Australasian College
    The Hotel School Sydney
    The University of New England
    THINK Education
    Top Education Institute
    Canterbury Technical Institute
    Carrick Institute of Education
    Cass Training International College
    Castle College
    Central College (Vocational Courses)
    Charles Sturt University
    Clarendon Business College
    Computer Graphic College
    Crown Institute of Business and Technology
    Curtin University Sydney
    Education Centre of Australia (ECA)
    ELS Universal English College
    English Language Company (ELC)
    Greenwich College
    Group Colleges
    International College of Capoeira
    International House Sydney
    Ivy Business College
    Kaplan International Colleges
    La Lingua Language School
    Le Cordon Bleu
    Lloyds International College
    Loura Business College
    Macquarie Education Group Australia (MEGA)
    Martin College (Vocational Courses)
    Napoleon Perdis Makeup Academy
    Navitas (Professional Year Program)
    NCELTR Macquarie University (English)
    Oxford College
    Performance English
    University of Ballarat Programs under IIBIT
    University Preparation College
    UNSW Global
    Wesley Vocational Institute
    William Blue
    Zenith Business Academy (ZBA)

    Adelaide and South Australia Area

    Adelaide Institute of Management & Technology (AIMT)
    Adelaide Pacific International College
    Australian Institute of Business Administration
    Careers Australia College of Healthcare
    English College of Adelaide
    Eynesbury International
    Flinders University
    Intensive English Language Institute (IELI)
    International Institute of Business & IT (IIBIT)
    Southern Cross Education Institute
    University of Ballarat Programs under IIBIT

    Canberra and Australian Capital Territory Area

    ACT Schools
    ANU College
    TAFE Tasmania
    University of Tasmania
    Canberra Institute of Technology (CIT)
    University of Canberra
    Charles Darwin University
    International College of Advanced Education
    New Zealand is a beautiful and unique country in the South Pacific where exciting things are happening in Education. New Zealand is becoming the first choice for an increasing number of international students seeking quality education & to explore new ideas in pioneering programmes that will put them at the front in the world job markets of the future. It is a vibrant nation offering excellent study opportunities in a safe environment, New Zealand was the first country to adopt a code of practice that sets out standards for the care of international students, in and out of the classroom thus ensuring that they are well taken care of.

    Why Study in New Zealand?

    Studying in New Zealand's Internationally respected colleges and universities offer a broad range of educational opportunities for international students. New Zealand has quality institutions including a nationwide network of English language schools as well as internationally regarded and accredited tertiary education providers. International students can study for a certificate, diploma through to masters and doctoral degrees.

    Canberra and Australian Capital Territory Area

    Wairkari Institute of Technology
    Otago Polytechnic
    Bay of Plenty Polytechnic
    Nelson Marlborough Institute of Technology (NMIT)
    New Zealand School of Govt. & Business
    Northtech Whangarei Institute
    EDENZ Colleges
    Queens Academy, Auckland
    Canadians have developed a first rate education system as they attach a great significance to learning. A significant portion of the GDP is spent on education. Canadian students are ranked amongst the best in the world on international tests of reading, mathematics, and scientific studies. Canadian certificates, degrees, or diplomas are well-recognized globally. Consistently it is ranked as the best place to live. The international students studying in this country enjoy high standards of living. The welcoming environment in Canada is often an attraction for the international students. The international students join the clubs and the associations and lead to the collaboration of multitudinal ethnic backgrounds.

    Why Study In Canada?

    Canada offers a wide choice of over 90 universities and 150 colleges and technical institutes, featuring every imaginable program. Surprisingly, Canadian tuition fees are amongst the lowest in almost all the English speaking countries. Most of the universities and college programs incorporate a co operative work program, giving the students an opportunity to work in their related field and earn credits for the same. Students have an authorization for working twenty hours per week, off campus* when classes are in session and full time during scheduled breaks/vacation. But students must start work only after they receive the off-campus work permit. Canada is a multi cultural country. It is quite secure and comfortable in its diversity. Multiculturalism has become a cornerstone of the Canadian identity. In fact Toronto, Canada’s largest city is ranked as the most multicultural city in the world .


    Thompson River University
    University of Alberta
    Seneca College
    Computek College
    View College
    Georgian College
    University of Calgary
    Singapore is an island city-state with a diverse cultural and linguistic heritage and a thriving modern economy. It is a centre of global commerce and trade, with one of the world's most business-friendly economies. Education has always been a key in the growth and development of Singapore society, particularly in the years following 1965 when it became an independent republic. Now in the 21st century, where the knowledge-based economy is the driver in the global community, education has become even more critical. The Government of Singapore spends a huge amount on education and it is among one of the top priorities of the government. It's a unique place to learn and study with tropical year-round weather, diverse countries and food and excellent transport.

    Why Study in Singapore?

    Singapore as a Global Education Hub World-class universities - like INSEAD, Johns Hopkins University & MIT - have set up presence in Singapore. In addition to this, the Singapore government has laid down a new framework for excellence of education in Singapore: academic excellence, organizational excellence & student protect/welfare excellence. Singapore's safety, low crime rates, and high standards of living are well renowned, offering international students an ideal environment for higher study.


    Informatics Group
    Asia Pacific Management Institute
    Westminster University
    Thames Business School
    European University
    Florida International University
    AEC PTE Ltd
    Cyprus i/ˈsaɪprəs/ (Greek: Κύπρος [ˈcipɾos] Kýpros; Turkish: Kıbrıs [ˈkɯbɾɯs]), officially the Republic of Cyprus (Greek: Κυπριακή Δημοκρατία [cipɾiaˈci ðimokɾaˈti.a] Kypriakī́ Dīmokratía; Turkish: Kıbrıs Cumhuriyeti [ˈkɯbɾɯs d͡ʒumhuɾijeˈti]), is an island country in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea. Cyprus is the third largest and most populous island in the Mediterranean, and a member state of the European Union. It is located east of Greece, south of Turkey, west of Syria and Lebanon, northwest of Israel and the Gaza Strip, and north of Egypt. The earliest known human activity on the island dates to around the 10th millennium BC. Archaeological remains from this period include the well-preserved Neolithic village of Khirokitia, and Cyprus is home to some of the oldest water wells in the world. Cyprus was settled by Mycenean Greeks in two waves in the 2nd millennium BC. As a strategic location in the Middle East, it was subsequently occupied by several major powers, including the empires of the Assyrians, Egyptians, and Persians, from whom the island was seized in 333 BC by Alexander the Great. Subsequent rule by Ptolemaic Egypt, the Roman Empire, the Byzantines, Arab caliphates for a short period, the French Lusignan dynasty, and the Venetians, was followed by the Ottoman conquest in 1571. It remained under Ottoman control for over three centuries. Cyprus was placed under British administration in 1878 until it was granted independence in 1960, becoming a member of the Commonwealth the following year. In 1974, seven years after the intercommunal violence between Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots, an attempted coup d'état by Greek Cypriot nationalists and elements of the Greek military junta with the aim of achieving enosis (union of the island with Greece) took place. Turkey used this as a pretext to invade the northern portion of the island. Turkish forces remained after a cease-fire, resulting in the partition of the island; an objective of Turkey since 1955. The intercommunal violence and subsequent Turkish invasion led to the displacement of over 150,000 Greek Cypriots and 50,000 Turkish Cypriots, and the establishment of a separate Turkish Cypriots political entity in the north. These events and the resulting political situation are matters of ongoing dispute.


    The Cyprus Institute of Marketing (CIM)
    Cyprus International Institute of Management
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